In 2013, two old foxes from the wine industry, Sergio Reyes and
Raúl Beckdorf joined forces founding Fox Wines

“We have a great passion for Chilean wines, for our land and its people. Fox Wines delivers a modern concept in wine commercialization combining passion and experience together with a diverse wine portfolio and a customer service fully oriented to our clients.”


Our commitment is to offer our clients the opportunity to live and enjoy
memorable moments in the company of memorable wines.

Raul Beckdorf

Raul is co-owner of Fox Wines and has been instrumental in helping to establish and then grow the brand since 2013.

With a degree in Business Administration, Raul has used his Corporate Education and Experience to build brands and corporate strategies. Raul is well known for his role as a Commercial Director for important wineries such as Viña Porta, Santa Ana (Argentina), Santa Carolina and Anakena until he eventually started established Fox Wines.

In his downtime, Raul enjoys playing the guitar, listening to live music and doing his best to win at tennis against his family and friends.

Sergio Reyes

Sergio has built a strong career within the local and international Wine Industry. He is proud to have led various sales teams and projects in Santa Rita; for Geo Wines and now to combine his experience and knowledge as a co-owner of Fox Wines.

With a degree in Agricultural Engineering (from Universidad Católica de Chile), Sergio has always had a passion for agriculture and enjoyed nature and outdoor activities. An experienced bike rider, he has covered thousands of kilometers mountain biking across the beautiful countryside.