Fox Wines SpA




  • Vineyard Notes:

35 years old vineyards in the Maipo Valley, established on alluvial soils, with a very low natural fertility. The soils are deep with no limitations for the roots development.

Maipo Valley is known for its wonderful natural condi-tions. Cold winter followed by a dry spring and summer. Huge temperature oscillation between day and night in summer, 33º celsius during day and 14 º celsius at night, give the perfect scenario for a slow ripening of the grapes. Cold air blows during the evening from the glaciers of the Andes in summer time.

  • Vinification:
A five days cold maceration took place prior to fermen-tation in order to extract colour and aromas. The must is then fermented for seven days in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts at temperatures ranging from 26° to 28°C. Malolactic fermentation is completed in stainless steel tanks and barrels.Membrane filtration at 0.65 microns before bottling.
25% of the wine is aged in French and American oak barrels for six to eight months.
  • Tasting Notes:

Wild purple in colour. Touches of tobacco, red and black cherries. It has a generous body with smooth and friendly tannins. It is a well-rounded wine with a juicy and lingering finish and a very good structure and persistency.

  • Serving Suggestions:

This wine is great with leg or rack of lamb, roast or grilled red meats and goulash.